Transport of animals

Pets are carried either as freight, or exceptionally in the passenger cabin in the case of assistance dogs for visually or hearing impaired persons.

In most countries, the acceptance of pets is regulated through strict sanitary procedures. Some countries only allow freight transportation. Others prohibit any import of animals.

Depending on each country, required certificates may be:

  • Certificate of origin attesting that the country or region where the animal originates has remained free of contagious illness for a set period of time,
  • Veterinary certificate of good health attesting that the animal does not have any infectious disease,
  • Vaccination card
  • Authorization certificate from phytosanitary services of the country of destination.

Dogs such as Pit Bull will be no longer accepted on Aircalin flights from the 1st of January 2015.

To France

Tontouta Airport plan to pick up or drop off live animals.

  1. Book transportation 3 weeks prior to departure, at Service Fret AIRCALIN (ph 35 15 30).
  2. The pet must be presented at the office located at the cargo terminal in Tontouta with its cage. This cage must comply with Aircalin standards (plastic rigid body with absorbent mat). The animal must be able to stand in the cage.
  3. Obtain the issuance of a certificate, signed by the SIVAP veterinarian stating that the animal meets the requirements of European health standards Decision 2011/874/EU for the importation of dogs and cats into the EU. Forms must be prefilled with the necessary supporting documents. All documents will be submitted to the animal quarantine Païta in order to get the signature of the certificate. This certificate must be endorsed by the animal quarantine - SIVAP Jean Verges (Lot 37 subdivision KSI Païta 98889 - TEL: 41 25 36), and will be valid until 10 days after signature of the veterinarian SIVAP until the entry in the EU. The validity period will be specified at the time of signature.
  4. Go to Service Fret AIRCALIN, with certificates and vaccination card in order tohave the ticket issued for the pet and pay the fees the week before boarding.
  5. Place a water supply device accessible from outside (without having to open the cage) so that the animal can drink during transportation. The cage door will then be sealed with chains that we provide, and documents related to carriage will be placed on the cage.
  6. The pet and the cage must be delivered to PACIFIC AIPORT ENGIE’s freight section (ph 352613), Freight terminal, at Tontouta Airport, at the latest 2 hours prior to departure.

As regulations are constantly changing, we invite you to contact the Tontouta freight office for more information at or on 35 15 30.

To New Caledonia

For more information, please contact Quarantine:

For more information, regarding animal carriage departing from Australia and New Zealand please contact forwarding providers:

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